Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eating with Intention

Going back to a natural way of being encompasses every part of your life eventually. So why should it not change the way we eat? 6 years ago I was job stressed, life stressed and ate any thing that came in a cardboard box and said "healthy" on the label. I was not healthy. Chronic headaches, carpel tunnel, and IBS, not to mention the health issues I had while I was pregnant with our first 2 children.

The answer for total health and weight loss is so simple- go natural! Meats, fruit and vegetables. Can you see it in nature? Do you know where it has come from? Forget reading calorie, fats and carbs on the box, if it is in a box don't put it in your mouth.

I have to admit I was a diet junky. I have tried them all: Atkins, South Beach, high protein, low carb, weight watchers...the only sort of "life style" (rather than diet) I can say I agree with is from Weston A. Price Foundation. Natural foods, raw milk and fermented foods the way they were eaten for centuries. (For more info on this check out the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Eat Fat, Loose Fat also by Sally Fallon.)From a biblical point of view its anything listed in Leviticus 11 that God has told us is good and safe for us to eat.

Raising my own food has changed the manor in which I eat. Dinner used to be a rushed and mindless activity. Now however, when I look down at the chicken on my plate I am reminded of how much work went into raising that chicken, butchering it and then cooking it. It is hard to over eat and gorge yourself on food that has taken so long to grow, the same goes for any fruit or vegetable. We waste less, use more and take the time to truly be thankful for our dinner.

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