Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Update #1 2013

  Shannon has been pretty busy since the last post (pregnant, birth, homeschool, etc.) so I'll post a quick update and let her catch up when she gets some free time.  It's almost time to garden again and we've been busy looking for trees and other plants to grow this year. 
  This year I'm giving a shot at growing tobacco.  From what I'm reading, it'll help keep pests away from other plants, it grows easily, it can be ornamental and it'll pack my pipe for a long time!  Here are some links if you're interested in learning more:
1. A great message board resource for everything tobacco related:

2. The place where I'll be ordering seeds from.  Good prices, variety, description.

I'm a big fan of Persian plants and products, so hopefully the Shirazi (شرازی) will grow well and be tasty!

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