Sunday, February 24, 2013

This Week Some Planning

It is the middle of February here in GA and I wanted to let you know what we are up to this week.    Yesterday, I took some time looking through seed catalogs planning out a few plants to purchase in terms of permaculture (perennial plants that keep giving that will be apart of our landscaping).  We already have 3 dwarf apple trees, but want to expand into a larger supply.  I ordered 2 more gala apples from Burgess Seed Co because they were half off for 4 ft trees ($14.95, not a bad deal!)  I also ordered 20 crows of asparagus, a mulberry bush, three grape vines and 4 trumpet climbing vines to plant on the south wall of the house (heat absorber).
  I ordered a bunch of seed from Bountiful Gardens as well: millet, amaranth, einkorn wheat, burdock, borage, two types of clover and French sorrel.  Most of these are being grown to feed chickens and goats, but can also increase our own food supple.  The sorrel and burdock as also perennials and should continue to grow for years even after being cut back. I am very excited about this years growing season!

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